Friday, August 21, 2009


For my daughter's birthday dinner..I was excited to make the duck dish my friend had made us..
Why I made it when it was 180 degrees F outside and cooked it in the oven..and sautéed and caramelized the figs and pears on the stove top while the duck and I baked..I have no idea.
But I did.

I LOVED it at my friend's..from this book I showed you that I now have..

It's a grand little book w/ a red satin bookmark attached..That's pretty to me:) I think it's my first~

It's an exquisite little recipe..I hope you can make it out by clicking larger...Unfortunately I overcooked my duck..It was not tender like my friend's..I will make it again..I will practice on just J and I.. once more to get it right.It's served in the Tagine.. with Couscous..Buttery Couscous..

I probably should have served something like Naan bread.. but I wanted my family to taste Zurin's Yogurt buns:) This time I oubled the recipe like Zurin did..and they were all gone:)

So good! My daughter said Cloud Like:)!!

For starters..J had made 3 pizzas finished on his grill..the children munched on slices..

Olive,anchovy..and Margarita..

I love having that:)

We had the roasted pepper salad I had made before..from the same book..with the preserved lemons..
The weather .... well we are never happy here in QC ..we are weather malcontents it seems this summer..oh it's too's too's too's too hot..there is no sun..Oh lala..
At least it did not rain and the boys cracked us up running through the sprinkler after dinner~:)


  1. What a beautiful, lovingly prepared meal! Kudos! I love reading posts like these ... so much togetherness at the dinner table. Beautiful!

  2. it is always a feast for my eyes here, great way to start the day, color and beauty, heavy sigh~

  3. Sounds good -- I'll have to look for those rolls. I loved the comment "while the duck and I baked" . . . what a wonderful meal. I've not done any Moroccan food -- but I may have to remedy that.

  4. Hard to tell what was yummier, the meal or the naked little boys running through the sprinkler :)
    Thanks again for a great supper mom xox

  5. Its early, but my mouth is watering for the yogurt buns and that divine pizza. Despite the heat it sounds like you had a lovely time.

    Little boys and a sprinkler are great entertainment.

  6. Wow, that duck recipe sounds so good!!! Cheers!

  7. Looks fabulous M....
    You are a wonderful Mommy!
    I printed out the rolls...just waitng for a cool time to turn on the oven...maybe this weekend.
    They look fabulous...

  8. I've yet to try making duck but have always wanted to. That pizza looks amazing! I love thin and cispy crusts!

  9. I'd really like to try the duck recipe...this fall....;-) I have cooked and baked in the heat for special occasions, too...what we do for love! It is beautiful to see.

  10. Bonsoir! Hello to the new faces:) I will have time this w/e to see more of you..

    I did sneak a peak of Italy:) I miss it!

    I want time to look through everyone..

    Tomorrow I am baking cornish hens for a friend.. Sicilian style from my cooking class..(Same weather too:( )I shall never learn..the thing is you can't get a duck or cornish hen on a whim in my small town:)

  11. Duck is one of my all-time favorites! The figs sound like a perfect addition. What a wonderful dish for a birthday celebration!

    Was it C's birthday? Just curious..Lindsay's is coming soon too. I thought it would be another coincidence :)

  12. I need a tagine. Don't I? I really do.

  13. What a lovely birthday feast. I love duck and I know that I would love J's pizza.

  14. Hi Monique,

    I'm finally getting a chance to go through your blog after a busy week or two and am enjoying everything. It's all stunning, warm, and inviting. Wow.


  15. Comme ça l'air délicieux! J'adore la cuisine Marocaine.

  16. Susan it was M's bday..Caro's is February..I am so new to this cooking..I hope to learn more.
    But our little grandsons will be very close I bet:)

  17. Oh ! I'm sooo glad you made them again :P It makes me so happy.

    Your pizza looks so delectable. We just had pizza at a restaurant last night too as a family but they don't look any where as good as yours.:(

    I'm glad you had a lovely time.

  18. What a wonderful celebratory dinner! Happy Birthday Wishes to DD.

  19. Sounds and looks like a lovely celebration. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  20. I swear I thought I asked you in a comment on this post but I guess not. Do your yogurt buns have a strong yeast taste? I tried making them and they had both a strong yeast smell and taste...not sure if it is supposed to be like that or not. Thanks!