Monday, August 3, 2009

I had to try this~Eggs~ Nouvelle Façon~

Eggs In A Cloud~

And I liked it~I decided to make myself a lunch which I never do but this had tickled my fancy at Foodgawker..

A little farm fresh treat:)

This little rosé would actually be perfect with them served for a brunch.
I wouldn't hesitate to make these for company.I added Herbes De Provence because..well since Provence..I could put it on anything and love it..more than I used to and I put it on a dark german thin bread.. black forest.. swiss cheese and Jacque's prosciutto..
Bon! And how cute too..Thank you Inncuisine~


  1. Oh that looks so interesting nana!! Beautiful pictures as always!

  2. i didn't get to make these like i hoped on sunday, i think maybe i will try it for tonights dinner, scott is working late and it looks fast easy and gorgeous!

    but then again so are cheerios...

    i know it can be my lunch!

  3. Oh Monique!

    I've made these several times, I guess the recipe has been around for some time ~ but I only discovered it a couple of years ago when a local Bed & Breakfast shared it on their website. I adore your idea of adding Herbes de Provence! I'll remember that for next time.

    Your photos, as always, are perfection.


  4. I'm still laughing between the differance of my breakfast and your lovely cloud presentation!!!
    I woke this morning and fried an egg, put it on a Wasa-Light rye cracker and was very proud of myself... Sat down turned on my computer and...well let me just say the difference between my concoction and your presentation is like night and day...That is why I love checking in on you!!! xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  5. You are so welcome! Not only am I glad you tried Eggs in a Cloud, but I'm glad you put your own spin on them and loved the way they turned out. Happy brunching!

  6. Fun! I'm going to make these when the kiddos come back :)

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  8. Oops that was me above! Just saying thank you! In more words than one!

  9. I just made these last Sunday - I like the idea of you adding the herbs - the "clouds" were a bit flavorless to us!

  10. YUM! That's actually one of my favorite wines. I drink it all the time :)

  11. I've never seen these...I don't like eggs all that much, but would make these for a special occasion. They look delightful. I agree, herb de Provence seems to make everything better! And...I often bring back this very wine from Paris.

    Thanks! Diane

  12. Hi Monique,

    I've been looking forward to poking my head around here and seeing what you've been creating.

    Eggs in a cloud and a little rosé. A perfect little brunch.


  13. Looks almost too pretty and delicate to eat! But after taking a few pictures, I would've eventually gone in.