Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Vintage Dinner~

My friend and I went out for lunch last Tuesday..We had a delicious croque-monsieur w/ artichokes,ham, was divine! Au Café du Musée... a salad.. a little sweet for dessert..And a Griffon Rousse.. petit café..a little shopping..
I was not very hungry for dinner so decided to make an omelet fo my husband..

With prosciutto and cream and eggs and onion and herbs..It was really very good although the pan was too large:) So the omelet looks flat:( But it was stuffed with sautéed mushrooms and I can humbly say it was better than the one my friend and I had last week in a resto:)

It seems there is always enough in the fridge for an omelet:)
I thank " Brumes" for helping me age my workplace for our omelet dinner.

It would also make a good Sunday breakfast..
I make the omelet on the stove.. until almost baked.. add my fillings ..then finish baking in the oven.. flip to close and serve~ It's just easier for me that way.


  1. What beautiful photos! My son ages some of his in the darkroom, the special techniques, like yours, just give a certain je ne sais quois to them.

    I had a similar omelet for breakfast this morning with mushrooms and goat cheese (a la your last post!)

    Have a good Sunday and tell J what a lucky man he is!!

  2. You just can't beat an omelet for a tasty light supper. I could go for one of those now!

  3. As always, each time I visist you - my mouth waters.
    Omelets and soups are the staples around here and a great way to use up the last scraps in the fridge.
    Yum, yum!
    xo Isa

  4. I just saved some textures this morning to play with when the weather keeps me inside more often :)

    I love omelets and frittatas. Such an easy, satisfying meal.

  5. Often the best omelets are made with a little of this and that from the fridge, a quick and easy dinner any day of the week.

    Beautiful photo, Monique.

  6. La première photo est somptueuse, une omelette qui plairait sûrement à mes gloutons
    Bonne soirée

  7. A "go to" meal and it is always delicious. Yours sounds wonderful. I like the idea of finishing it up in the oven. That would make a difference for me...I will try it.

  8. The omelet sounds wonderful. I always forget about omelets for a light supper.

    I'm also very interested in the croque-monsieur with artichokes. What a great idea!

  9. Ahh..Thank goodness you all like simple things also:)
    Thank you~ will create magic:)

  10. A simple beautiful fluffy omelet does it get any better than this. My favourite is asparagus and cheese oh yum..

  11. I love an omelet and salad for dinner. Never thought of finishing it off in the oven. Brilliant!

  12. Think that is what we're having tomorrow night for dinner.

  13. We had omelets for breakfast this morning...Goat cheese and chive...
    I love a good omelet for dinner with a nice little salad...
    a perfect simple meal...
    Yours look beautiful always

  14. Aujourd'hui c'est le blogday 2009, il s'agit de parler de 5 blogs étrangers ou différents, j'ai choisi le tien, tu peux le retrouver ici
    Bonne journée

  15. I love omelets with mushrooms...divine.

  16. I think simple things in life are the best...quite like this omelette. Classic!

  17. Looks delicious and I really like yours photos, so cosy!

  18. Oh, your omelette would make good ANY meal of the day, any day! I haven't mastered the art of making a *real* omelette ... a shame, since I love eggs so very much.