Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cognac and Crostinis~

I LOVE how the web makes this world..A small small world after all~


I spoke to a friend:) From Afar~ From the web:)
It was so nice to put voices to emails~It made all the correspondence.. tangibly sweet:)
And I made a delicacy from again AFAR~

I said " Jacques.. these are from Little Teochew.."

Need I say more?:)

I saved the rest of the badigeonnage :) For Sat~Mine are not as deep and amber as LTC's.. my oven crisped the rims.. the middle was perfect.. but not as golden..I will try deeper..but then again..These were just right!!!!!It depends on the browning qualities of your oven:)

The added soupçon of Cognac..makes all the much so..I added another soupçon:)

Thank you Little One~


  1. beautiful post, where's the N for nana?!

  2. It is a small world - I believe in the Six Degrees of Seperation theory. That, and having a bit of this Cognac and Crostini later on today - after my work is done - when I can put my feet up, catch up on Le Husband's day and reflect on all that is good in our lives.

  3. (HUGS) You are most welcomed :) I'm so glad you and Jacques liked the Crostini. And I thank the Internet for giving me an extra friend in you! Cheers to friendship! :)

  4. These are gorgeous...
    I may try some tonight with a little of Julia's ratatouille on them...why not?

  5. ...and i thought, aahh, M for Monique, this girl has a monogram in her napkins. I think they look great.

  6. Ah, the magic of internet! I have met so many amazing people, made so many dear, dear friends, found so many people with so many things in common and have discovered so much! And sharing recipes with these new friends is a pleasure indeed. Pass around a tray of those wonderful crostinis....

  7. Oh I adore LTC's blog as well, everything about it!

    Those look beautiful M, just lovely.

    It's become a small wonderful world alright :) ~ I haven't stopped smiling yet! xo

  8. How nice for you, Monique! I love The Little Teochew blog and I have YOU to thank for introducing me to her blog and recipes. Isn't this a wonderful place filled with nice people? Have a wonderful evening.

  9. Oh my so glad to have found your blog, it pays to roam around in the blogoshpere. A feast for my eyes and it takes me back to my trip to Europe earlier this year, I long to return and to savour the food, wine and the people again. Beautifil photography too.

  10. How nice of all of you!

    I am so happy you all found LTC !

    I know you will find these crostinis refreshingly different and "kicker" good:)A certain "Je Ne Sais Quoi" about them:)

    M is for Monique :) My daughter gave me some..she shared her name starts w/ M also..Mylène~

    You are right..I should find N now:)

  11. Hello M...You are my only visit today...I had a few minutes this evening to sit for a moment and catch up on your culinary skills!!! Loved seeing what your doing. We are having an Estate sale Saturday and are much work, scaling way down, must learn to travel lighter...I'm such a collector of Things...Keep up your blogging...I look forward to it, xoxo~Kathy...You mentioned trying to e-mail, feel free, Would love to hear from you...

  12. You have always been good at reaching out to the people on the internet! I'm a happy beneficiary of that :)

    I need to try these!

  13. Some of my best friends are ones that I made on the net. I cherish them very much. You have a wonderful way with words!

  14. We are all blessed and it is lovely to see internet friendships develop. Every day I feel fortunate to have such positive energy from the food blogging world. It is a bountiful table we have.

    Cheers to your new friendship with The Little Teochew!

  15. Thank you for visiting my blog - because I have now found you! :) I couldn't have put it better myself. I haven't been blogging for long, but have "met" so many amazing people around the world. All around the world. Truly a small place. And so wonderful how a common passion connects everyone together.

  16. Julia your Mélanger Vignettes are so perfect! I love visiting..

    I agree this is a positive world here:) Yay!

  17. Tonight I shall enjoy these! I have thought of them since you posted last month. The picture has lived in my mind....thank you!