Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Julie and Julia~

I loved it!

It helped that I went with my childhood friend Jojo for sure~:)

But I would have loved this movie regardless..
I read the book..and was so looking forward to the movie.
I wasn't disappointed..Even though I chose the hottest most humid day of the yr..and I think the cinéma forgot the air for a moment or two:) I enjoyed every minute.
I think one day I will add the DVD to our collection..and I don't buy many at all..and maybe even the soundtrack:)
There's more to it than I thought.
I loved knowing more..learning more..and one part was a true surprise for me.. I won't spoil it for you..
I'll just say that although it was a wasn't:)
Everyone is very good in it..But Meryl.. nails the part to a T.
Unbelievably so..Do they give Golden Globes and Academy Awards for this kind of movie? She just is Julia in this movie.
I admired both girls perserverance and tenacity.
Have fun..go w/ a special friend.. a daughter..a husband..or on your own.
It helps if you love to cook .. and blog:)

Jacques made dinner tonight and after dinner he said.. Can I eat those biscottis for dessert? I said the thyme walnut cheese ones?The savory appetizer ones? He said well there isn't any other dessert today:{..That's his mustache...
Bon Appétit!


  1. Thanks for posting this film review. I read the book as well, and really enjoyed it. I won't get a chance to see the film for a while, because I live in Belgium and it won't come here until it's dubbed into French. By that time it will have been out on DVD for a while...

    À ton avis, cera-t-il mieux d'attendre la version française?

  2. The "mustache" is so cute! Made me chuckle!

  3. Bonjour Kate..À mon humble avis.. je choisirais de voir ce film en Anglais.D'entendre Meryl..parler à la Julia.. est mémorable.Par contre.... mes souvenirs de Julia..sont de l'entendre parler en anglais.Pour moi véridique.

    Little Teochew..I spoke of you to my friend during the movie:)And friendly names... She is not familiar with blogs yet..only knows mine..(I am lucky:) ) Next Sat she will be seeing many when she comes for dinner)..I am so glad you understood the mustache..I wondered:) Have a nice day!

  4. I can't wait to see this film! I've been out of town so much lately that I haven't had the chance to go. One of the actresses in the film is Joan Juliet Buck. She used to be the editor for French Vogue. I have a beautiful table that was in her apartment in Paris - also a mirror that she had there as well, so it will be fun to see her in this film.

  5. fun reading your review, and you my julia~

  6. I'm so happy you liked it Monique! Our plans got side-tracked yesterday (repairman had to come.)

    Hopefully today! I can't wait...thank you for the review and recommendation.

    So cute about J ~ the moustache. :)

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  8. Je ne pense pas qu'il soit déjà sorti en France mais je ne vais pas manquer d'aller le voir

  9. Not only is it a great film and will be on my favorites but I'm seeing it again next week! This time I'll watch the sets more -- there was one small scene with a room of plants . . . I covet that -- as well as any kitchen Julia cooked in.

    And then I was off to cook Julia style and had to have sole meuinere (only had to substitute flounder -- alas sole is not a choice on the prairie!)


  10. Martha..I like that you want to see the movie again to remember certain scenes.. was the room w/ the plants the room where she is w/ her sister? What a great pair..My dear friend and I cracked up when they look at each other in the mirror:) And say something like.. great! OK not great..good:) Something to that effect.
    I was born in the same building as my girlfriend.. she is a few months older than I.. so I have known her all my life.. we saw each other as infants.. toddlers.. kids ..preteens..teens..young adults and so on..We have seen differences:) We even used to put our pinkies together like they do in the movie when they say an identical thing:) Our words were different though!
    Oh it's a feel good movie..I laughed out loud more than once!
    LOVED the kitchens.. the kitchen store too:) lucky duck:) I am not surprised you have such lovely things!

    Mary..hope you saw it today..Jain..I really think you would like it too:)

  11. Evening M...I am so glad you Loved it!!! I am so looking forward to seeing it...My plate is overflowing , maybe next week. I love to make biscotti...and eat them also. I find the texture hard to resist! I am sun baked and happy, another beach day with 3 different grands...Life is good. xoxo~Kathy@ Sweet up-North Mornings...

  12. The movie is on everyone's lips right now so it must be wonderful. You are lucky you had Jojo to join you. I hope I can persuade a friend to join me to see it soon...or perhaps a pregnant daughter who has to stay off of her feet ;)

  13. Monique, Moe and I saw the movie on Monday and we both loved it. There were as many men in the audience as women. This is one movie that I would go and see again.

  14. Ive just been reading about this movie and It sounds very interesting. I have not read the book yet though but will do soon. And any movie with Meryl in it is a must see for me! She is just a GREAT talented..Your post makes me want to go out today to get the book. I just might once im done with my boys birthday cakes .:) (tt was a cute mustache);P

  15. I can't wait for the film to come here. I am on pins and needles waiting for it! Glad you enjoyed it!

  16. keeps getting in the way....I plan to see the movie next week with friends, and I can't wait. How special you went with your dear lifelong friend. Thanks for the is like an appetizer!

  17. Update..I see it is playing in French here also..:) must go..especially after seeing your well loved books and Happy Birthday tribute..I say you must go!!

    Ann..I saw many men too..but unless Stanley Tucci was swinging a golf club that day..J was nowhere in sight:) He will watch and enjoy when out on DVD:) will smile so much..Zurin..of course you must see Meryl!
    Nana K..I thought of you at the market today..Pretty leaf birdbaths:)

    I KNOW you had fun !

  18. Le film sort chez nous après-demain seulement ! Je vais m'y précipiter ! ;o)