Sunday, August 16, 2009

Market Morning and Dorie's Blueberry Cake~

This morning I made Dorie's recipe that I saw on her blog..I have a cheesecake in the fridge for tomorrow's bday.. but Jacques likes having a sweet .. not exactly cheesecake.. after a meal..I knew he would like it and he did.I made extra streusel that I froze..
It's a lovely cake..Feels like Home.

I then made a trip to my local adorable market..I wanted to order a new sign for the gate..

I love going to this market..Only in summertime it is open of course..I have been going for 30 yrs~ At least..:)

There's something for everyone~

Kathy Birdbaths.. Dressforms..Hats for watching Julie and Julia:)

And Vintage of course..everywhere!

Perfect Matinée!

I still feel funny saying ..just.. Dorie..It should be Dorie Greenspan to be respectful:) And I am.. but I always say Julia.. never Julia Child..So it is means just one name says it all:) for them.. Like Cher..Sting..Mario..Ina..Cleopatra , name a few..
So respectfully.. I say...enjoy Dorie's Delicious Blueberry Cake~

So easy too!


  1. Merci aussi à toi pour cette balade et les photos... Mon tour au marché paysan près de chez moi a été moins intéressant ce matin!

  2. I think your cake looks as if it has a more interesting texture than Dorie's. Do I see an oat? Maybe it's an almond...

    I'm in love with your market pictures. I have taken thousands of them over the years, and since I've switched computers, I can't find ANY of them! I guess I'll have to keep going to markets, eh?

  3. I didn't see all those lovely white dressers last time I went to Finnegan's ... perhaps I should go check them out for Giuliana's new room ... Looking forward to my Birthday Cheesecake this evening :)

  4. you are so cute, you are beyond respectable, down right pleasing~

  5. You are such a lovely person.:)))

  6. What a lovely market. I can see why you have been going for so many years. It would be a fun place to investigate!

    The cake looks wonderful!

  7. I have that cake marked as to do...but I have to say Monique...your looks better than Dorie's!
    The recipe is also in the Parade section of the Sunday paper today...
    I will be making this tomorrow for sure the boys love this kind of cake!

  8. I love your market Monique. I know I would find all sorts of treasures that I just had to have. We don't have a market like that in my area.

    What a yummy looking cake.

  9. I would love to visit that market! Dorie sounds so right. I made so many blueberry breads this week for the shower and I looked at Dorie's recipe too :)

  10. One of my FAVORITE posts M....I flipped over the leaf birdbaths...I just put mine in the yard last night and planning numerous future leaf making days for Gifts.
    I want:
    Finnigan's to move to my town.
    To share in the Birthday Cheesecake.
    All of the white furniture from Finnigan's( even though I have no more room).

    Your Grandchildren to meet mine.
    To try the Blueberry recipe....and the list goes on, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  11. I printed out that recipe from her page to try as well. Yours looks fabulous as always and I am loving that farm market! Looks like a place I could really enjoy going to!

  12. J'adorerais me promener sur ton marché, c'est le genre de balade qui me plait beaucou^
    Merci pour tes visites sur mon blog, dommage que je ne puisse pas t'envoyer un morceau de gouda aux truffes, c'est un vrai délice

  13. I saw this cake on Dorie's blog, too, and so wanted to make it. I absolutely love this kind of cake and yours looks so scrumptious! I laughed when you listed those whom we always refer to by just their first name...

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  15. If you read the entry itself..there is mention of it being a weekend counter cake:) So true..walk by..slice a sliver..walk by another:)
    The market is a highlight in my town.. always fun treasures..and nice people..A landmark:)
    Thnak you!

  16. I'm sorry oats..what I think it is is part of the crumble that just looks like an oat.The crumble is the icing:) I am very partial to crumble~

  17. I love the look of the top of this cake. It's a very pretty cake.

  18. What a wonderful market AND a wonderful cake!

    So you didn't tell us about the sign . . . what did you get?

  19. I am so jealous of your market!

  20. Where's the picture of the sign you ended up getting?

    Btw, I have yet to try any recipe from Dorie's (Greenspan:-) book, but that blueberry cake screams summer.

    And, oh, how I long to have an adorable market like yours nearby.

  21. Ahhhh - what a lovely day - so nice to end with a sweet treat of blueberry.