Sunday, August 2, 2009

Soul Food #15~

Time is flying by for me.
I believe that adage now..the older you get the faster time flies~Or is it because it's summertime?:)


  1. I think both!

    I love your garden photos (well, actually, I love all of your photos!) What are the flowers on the top-right and bottom-right? They are so ethereal-looking!

  2. I believe it's a little of both my friend...Age and the season!.. I would love to sit in your garden chair and get to know you. I have many questions for this woman who does't talk of herself much...Today it is raining, I have an order for a necklace to be worn at a Wedding next weekend, so I will work on that. Time permitting I will finish painting a hutch in my master Bath, we'll see... Enjoy your life today...cook something wonderful, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. Good Morning girls~

    I love white in a garden..the top right is Clematis Summer Snow ..Or Paul climbs the potting shed crazy..with all our rain it tumbled everywhere instead:) Still pretty..It's a no-fail wild clematis~
    The White Gooseneck Strife is wild and invasive also..But it came from a friend and I love all the white geese in the garden~:) You could control it easily by planting it in one secluded garden. It would make a striking statement:)They all look in the same direction~

    Kathy.. while I crafted yesterday and wondered what you and Tracie might be working on!

    I wish I had had your bed lat night,..we must look into a change of mattress again~:)
    The words above your bed are so cute:) I will tell you this..I love words and have some too!
    Clients gave me gift certificates for breakfasts../Lunch at a favorite place..The SUN is out and we are going!

  4. Time, indeed, goes by way too fast. I'm reminded of that as I watch my grandchildren grow up. Wish I could grab hold and slow it down a bit.

    I love white in the garden, a beautiful contrast to all the shades of green. (Shades of brown in my case)

  5. Gorgeous photos M! I hope you had a fun breakfast (or lunch?) out.

    Me too! Time is FLYING by (and I love white in the garden, and white cut flowers as well.) :)

    Lovely food for the soul, indeed. Thank you for sharing the beauty. xo

  6. white is always a fav in the garden for me, it glows by the moonlight and visible from far away.

    i didn't even know that was an adage, i know time is flying, i thought it was because i was old it took me forever to get things done! its scary how time has become almost warp speed... makes me wonder if the end is near... read a book last night and she died young of cancer, makes you ponder things...

  7. Aren't white flowers beautiful? I love your grandson's sunglasses!

  8. Beautiful pictures as always! I do believe that time is speeding up . . . or at least mine is. There are never enough hours in any day!

  9. Wow your garden is so soft and beautiful.

    Maybe it's both. Time is indeed flying by, but maybe summer speeds life along.

  10. Monique, I think you know how I feel about 'anything' white.
    And this would have to be my most favorite picture.
    I know, I've said the same about your other pictures, but I really mean it this time, honest!

    Which is why I own white plates, white linens, white pottery, and even own a white-washed step-back hutch, where all my white collections rest upon.

    In conclusion, I loooove white, and you, for making my day.