Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day~My Daughter~ And Bakerella~

Today is Father's Day and Noah's Mommy invited everyone over for a BBQ..

The kids have so much fun together and I LOVE watching them:)

When I saw this post from Bakerella..I thought it was sooo cute I sent it to my girls..
Noah's mommy decided to make them for Father's Day dessert:)

The adults loved them as much as the kids..

and Lucas said they were the Best Burgers In The World~

This is Max though:)

And Giulianna~

They really are too cute..And M did a great job~ They made me smile..her husbands' parents loved them!
I adore Bakerella's site..Have you seen it? She seems to influence some of our party desserts:)
And her photography is stellar~


  1. I have seen Bakerellas post as well and I love them too. Nice made monique. The idea is so so cute.

  2. What fun, Monique. I love those precious little hands holding the burgers.

    And the roses along the fence...gorgeous.

  3. Absolutely darling Monique! DDs have obviously inherited their mama's talent and creativity, that is for sure. Very nice!! :)

    I agree with Cathy, the adorable little fingers just make the images come to life.

    Beau, beau, beau as always, my friend.

    Happy Father's Day to all the dads in your family! xo~m.

  4. What a cute and fun idea. I'll bet the children especially loved it! Your daughter is definitely one talented woman!

  5. This is so charming and a perfect dessert for a Father's Day BBQ. I would actually like these more than the real burgers!

    It looks like you had a grand day and your daughters presentation has your heartwarming. I'm sure the kids will have very fond memories of this Father's Day. Hope you had a sunny day.


  6. Love this dessert idea!! Thank you so much for sharing your DD's creation. I'm saving this idea for our next summer BBQ. Too cute.

  7. Evi..have fun! Little S will get a kick out of them..I assure you:)
    Personally..I eat the fingers:)

  8. I'll bet the boys loved them! I remember seeing some cute posts of them for April Fools food. Several blogging buddies made them too. Such a cute idea I will remember :)

  9. So cute Monique...they came out great!
    But I have to say those chubby little hands and fingers look much more delicious to me! I could just take a bite!

  10. Oh I bet the gkids loved cute!

  11. I have seen these on Bakerella's blog and think they are fantastic and oh so funny! You did a great job!