Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vintage Couscous:)

I love this covered dish a friend offered me years ago..
I often use it for Couscous salads~

Today was no exception~

I got up early...I knew I had a busy day..and started with a Couscous salad..
I used one cup of couscous..
1 cup of broth..

I sautéed onions and a touch of garlic in one tbsp of butter..

Added the broth..brought to a slow boil.

Poured the couscous in..covered.. and let sit for 5 minutes..off the stove..
Fluffed repeatedly w/ a fork..Really good couscous.. every little couscous must be separated:)

I added sun dried tomatoes..chopped.. on whole tomato chopped.. one handful of chopped fresh basil.. same of parsley..chopped red peppers and a special little spicy salt I have:) A touch of ground pepper and a generous splash of EVOO.A few raspings of lemon rind~
Combined and vintage potted:)

Sooo good!

Just a dish can make the food taste better to me:)

Now just that could have been my meal..I could just eat it until I could not stop:)

But I was anxious to try Susan's new Chicken Recipe..so Jacques grilled 2 breasts..and I gently turned them over and over in her sauce..

and served w/ a splash of it on top of the breasts..along with the couscous..

On the deck~ After a long day..w/ the birds chirping and the flowers blooming..
It's just as good as it gets.
Thanks Susan for a nice treat.
Next..Lori's Chicken:)
I am a poulet lover~


  1. C'est beau!!!

    We would love this Monique. :)
    Your serving pieces couldn't be prettier.

    Very, very nice presentation. xo~m.

  2. This sounds like the absolute perfect side dish!

  3. What a fun surprise! How wonderful that you tried the chicken. I made it on Father's Day for the family again because my J liked it so much. Poulet lovers here as well ;)

    Your couscous sounds like the perfect Mediterranean side dish! I so agree about serving dishes :)

  4. What a lovely meal, the kind I enjoy most. Couscous is so versatile, I add a little of this and that, whatever I have on hand. Just the right thing to serve with chicken.

  5. So crazy! Just this morning I took out my box of Couscous and voila....your yummy recipe! Thanks!